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with Victoria

Strength Training and Nutrition for Women

In Home and Virtual Training 
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Victoria Cherpes
Master of Science Holistic Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Certified
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Lyme Disease Survivor
Osteoporosis Warrior

It’s time to get the energy & fitness you’ve been wanting

and to start feeling like yourself again.

Get the energy and strength you need to be healthy, active, and start feeling like yourself again.   Vida Fitt offers both IN-HOME and VIRTUAL TRAINING for women and seniors.

Book a FREE INTRODUCTORY CALL with Victoria to learn more!

Train with me and you WILL get results!

Together we will get you
stronger, more toned, and vibrant
in just two 30 minute sessions per week

Happy Clients

Lisa R. Ashland, VA

“When I started training with Victoria I could not even do one push up.  I left every session encouraged and stronger.  My husband keeps complementing me on how toned I am now.  I owe that to Victoria.”

Claire N.  Alexandria, VA

After nearly 25 years of working out with a trainer, I began working with Victoria, to increase my strength and bone density and lose weight.  Victoria provided expert advice on training form, gradual weight increases and modifying exercises to adjust to my rheumatoid arthritis.  Her encouragement enabled me to lift my maximum weight load slowly and carefuly.

In a six month period, I lost nearly 30 pounds and significantly improved my functional fitness.  I highly recommend Victoria as a Personal Trainer.

Ann L. Stafford, VA

I thoroughly enjoyed training with Victoria as my personal trainer.  My workouts were very challenging and she always encouraged me to get the most of our sessions, both in person and virtual.  The Slow Motion Strength Training we did helped me gain strength and overall fitness.   At times when I had physical challenges, Victoria adjusted my workouts so that the exercises did not stress my sore muscles and joints.


I highly recommend Victoria as a personal trainer.

Hand Weights


Customized Services

with Victoria

for women & seniors

One-on-One Personal Training with a NASM certified trainer, online or at home, to fit your busy lifestyle. 


Full Body Training Sessions

IN HOME SESSIONS : We bring all the equipment you will need to get in shape, and we can work with any equipment you already have.

ONLINE SESSIONS : Minimal equipment and space required.  Even if you have no weights, all you need is your body and WIFI to get a safe, effective full body workout.​

Customized Workout Plans tailored to your personal goals

Safe, efficient science-backed workouts

Functional fitness training, designed to enhance your quality of life and dally routines

Build strength, reduce pain, increase your energy and improve mood.

A gentle approach to fitness that meets you where you are and progresses from there.​​

Customized Workout Plans tailored to your personal goals.


Are you looking for online fitness that will make you stronger, healthier, and fitter? 

Do you want to tone, get fit and keep your bones healthy and strong for years?  Is your overall health and vitality important to you? 


Then, enjoy the camaraderie of a tribe of women working towards better health in this 30-minute group strength training class.


This monthly membership-based subscription gives access to 12 live online classes per month, that will make YOU stronger & healthier!


Occasional bonus classes are added too.


  • Build bones, strengthen and tone muscles 

  • Fight and prevent osteoporosis & chronic disease

  • Promote health and longevity

  • Improve Immune Health

  • Boost mood & energy

  • Increase metabolism

  • Get in a workout from home and have fun with friends

Bonus Benefits

  • Access to the growing nutrition library for members only

  • Additional special classes occasionally added

  • Feel confident and strong in your own skin

  • Do things you haven't been able to do in years!

  • Access to all class recording

Become an OsteoPower member for $64 per month to access all of the monthly OsteoPower classes.

Your first two classes are FREE!

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  • Precision Nutrition Coaching tailored to your goals, individual preferences and needs - not one size fits all, but specific to you.

  • Together we'll develop a plan that helps you eat better in a way that works for your body and your life.


  • No more weird or fad diets.   You don't have to go to extremes to get amazing results.  We break down your journey into small daily tasks that done over time add up to amazing transformations.

  • Get the support you need every step of the way.  Our coaching provides the support you need every step of the way that gives you direction, accountability and support you need no matter what life throws at you.  

  • Weekly progress check -ins.


  • Simple practices and daily accountability   Every day, you’ll work on nutrition or lifestyle practice, customized to help you get the results you are looking for.

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