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IN HOME and Virtual

Resistance Training for Mature Women
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NASM Certified Personal Trainer,
Specializing in Women's and Senior Fitness
Master of Science- Holistic Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Certified
Founder of VIDA FITT, LLC

Every one has a their own unique health journey.   If I had to describe myself it would be as an overcomer with grit and determination.


All my life I have loved being fit but there have been seasons where I gained weight or have had health challenges.   For example, I gained 60 pounds with my first child and was horrified when she only weighed 6 pounds!  It took me 6 months, but I lost the weight.   


My setbacks and perseverance are what set me aside as a personal trainer.  Between 2009 and 2020,  I have been involved in two high speed rear end collisions, where my car was stopped and I was hit by someone going over 50 mph.   Though I feel incredibly lucky to be alive, that kind of impact is really hard on the human body.  Both required months to years of physical therapy.  Both of my physical therapists told me that my future mobility depends on me staying strong.    

In the years in between those accidents, I became a personal trainer and got my Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition.  

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.   The treatment was as bad as the disease.   My joints ached, my adrenals were shot and I was tired all the time and some days literally slept 12 hours and was still exhausted.

Aside from focusing on a nutrient rich diet, and years of Lyme Protocols, the game changer for me was strength training.   In 2019, After training for 6 months my energy finally came back and I was hooked. 

Both of my parents have osteoporosis and in 2020 I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.  

Throughout my life, I've been at the top of my game and brought low several times.   I  know what it is like to have health challenges and physical limitations.  I know what it's like to feel too tired to workout, or to take two steps forward only to take three steps back.  But I also know that with grit and hard work you can overcome most anything and that even a small consistent effort yields amazing results.

I began Vida Fitt because  want to empower women to get strong and feel confident.   If you are ready to get the strength and quality of life you want please connect with me.  I have in home and virtual training options available. 

I specialize in Women's Fitness and Senior Fitness.    From my own journey I also understand the value and special needs of  strength training for seniors, women with chronic illness, osteoporosis and for post physical therapy clients as well.

Let me help you get safe, effective results, meet your goals and get you feeling stronger and more energetic.  I can't wait to meet you!

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