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Client Success

Real Experiences | Stunning Results!

Taking charge of your health is a life changing experience.  My aim is to help my clients turn their life around and achieve the results they desire.   If you would like to learn more about my clients and their amazing achievements check out the testimonials below.

"I lost nearly 30 pounds!"

After nearly 25 years of working out with a trainer, I began working with Victoria, to increase my strength and bone density and lose weight.  Victoria provided expert advice on training form, gradual weight increases and modifying exercises to adjust to my rheumatoid arthritis.  Her encouragement enabled me to lift my maximum weight load slowly and carefuly.

In a six month period, I lost nearly 30 pounds and significantly improved my functional fitness.  I highly recommend Victoria as a Personal Trainer.

 — Claire N.  Alexandria, Virginia

Lost My Pandemic Pounds!!

I started training with Victoria after gaining the Covid 19 pounds.  My clothes went from tight (slightly "too sexy" for proper work attire. and just grossly tight.


Then my super energetic friend and trainer recommended I work out with her.   Since nothing else was working, I figured I had nothing to lose.


We trained twice a week, which was easy to incorporate into my busy work schedule.  I almost immediately began to feel better with more energy.


Within the first month my clothes began to feel looser and after a couple of months I started feeling muscle tone I have not seen in years!


I am very excited and highly recommend training with Victoria.  Be in the best shape you can be!


— Sophia E,  Fairfax Station

Challenging and Encouraging

I thoroughly enjoyed training with Victoria as my personal trainer.  My workouts were very challenging and she always encouraged me to get the most of our sessions, both in person and virtual.  The Slow Motion Strength Training we did helped me gain strength and overall fitness.   At times when I had physical challenges, Victoria adjusted my workouts so that the exercises did not stress my sore muscles and joints.


I highly recommend Victoria as a personal trainer.


— Ann L.  Stafford, Virginia

Toned and FIT

“When I started training with Victoria I could not even do one push up.  I left every session encouraged and stronger.  My husband keeps complementing me on how toned I am now.  I owe that to Victoria.”


— Lisa R.

Ashland, Virginia

Game Changing Workout

“Victoria has been a game-changer for me and my recovery from Lyme! She is really intuitive and knows how to push me enough to feel like I'm making progress, but not so much that I cause too much of a flare. She checks in on me between sessions, is really supportive and fun to work with! I really enjoy our different exercises each week. I would highly recommend Victoria especially for others recovering from chronic illness or with any kind of mobility challenges. I never thought I would be working with a personal trainer, but here I am and I've been loving it! Thanks so much Victoria!”


— Anna S.


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