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Live Online Group Strength Training classes for Women

Improving your health does not need to be complicated or time consuming.   


The key is consistency, the right method for women and an expert personal trainer.    Improve your health, renew your energy and mood,  keep your bones healthy & strong, strengthen & tone with OsteoPower, a new live online 30-minute group fitness training class for women.


This monthly membership-based class gives you access to all live classes and all of the monthly OsteoPower class recordings on demand. 


Each class is specially designed to fit all fitness levels so everyone can participate.   Whether you have fitness equipment or not this class is for you!

Your first two classes are FREE so what are you waiting for!?

Classes run Mondays and Wednesday 6PM EST

Friday 8AM

Enter your name below and email to claim you Free sessions.

Register for your
Osteopower Class


Group Strength Training classes for Mature Women

  • 30 Minute Strength Training and Conditioning Classes

  • Mon, Wed 6PM EST and Fri 8AM EST

  • $64 monthly subscription gives access to all classes

  • Need to miss a class?  No worries.  All videos will be posted On Demand through the membership portal for seven days.

  • Strengthen, Tone, and Build Bone in a community of extraordinary women!

  • Improve Health, Mood, Energy and Immunity

  • Boost Metabolism and burn more calories!

  • Classes designed for all fitness levels

  • Members can perform exercises with or without equipment.

Become a Member TODAY!

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